Expert Moves Privacy Policy

The Expert Moves website has been created for us to communicate about our range of removal services and provide contact information for you to reach us.

We aspire that all customers and visitors to this website feel safe in the knowledge that their data and private information will be kept private and confidential. Experts Moves have published this Privacy Policy to demonstrate our approach to data collection and privacy and the underlying reasons why we need to keep data.

We assume that all visitors to the Expert Moves website will have read and understood this privacy policy as well as our terms and conditions. If you have any concerns, queries, clarifications, or would like to make a booking, please visit our contact page.

No account/registration data is kept

We understand that repeat visitors to this website may want to register for an account, but there is no registration process. This site is informational only and there is no need to provide account data to view this site, although you will need to supply data to complete our contact form.

What data does the Expert Moves website collect?

As with the majority of websites, Expert Moves collects data each time visitors browse our website. We will collect your IP address, this gives information about your location (not your exact area, just the general vicinity). Using IP address information, our website can personalise views based on previous visits, one example would be setting a language preference, e.g., the page loads in English each time.

Although our website identifies a unique visitor through their IP address, this is anonymous. We use information from cookies to improve and optimise a visitors experience. For additional guidance, we provide further supporting information about the use of cookies below:

How do Expert Moves use cookies?

Virtually every website uses cookies to some extent. Cookies are the “data below the data” and are invisible when viewing our web pages. Cookies are small files used by web browsers, primarily for speed optimisation. Cookies are saved on the Expert Moves server as well as devices used by visitors. Each time a visit is made it is called a “session”.

Cookies have value in terms of understanding the pages that visitors have historically visited and using this knowledge to provide a personalised visitor experience.

Privacy Policy - Care of Data

Expert Moves use cookies to enhance a visitors experience

We use two types of cookies on our website:

1)    Session cookies

These are temporary and only last for one visit to the Expert Moves website. The moment you leave our website, the session cookie will be deleted.

2)    Persistent cookies

This cookie is permanent and means an electronic file is stored as a persistent cookie within your browser software. Persistent cookies enable us to personalise visitor experiences on future visits.

Cookies are 100% within your control

You have 100% control over how cookies work when you visit our website. You can block cookies through your browser settings. If you use multiple browsers, you will need to revise cookie settings in each browser.

Google Chrome Cookie Settings

An example of cookie settings in Google Chrome

Blocking cookies on our website will only create minor issues of usage. It may mean certain functions are unavailable and that your visitor experience is less personalised.

Your data: we guarantee not to sell it

Expert Moves do not sell the data of website visitors. All data will be safely stored until we no longer need it. When we dispose of data it will be in full compliance with the Data Protection Act, 1988. Occasionally we may need to pass your data to a beneficial third-party, in which case we would only do so with your approval before release.

Third party links

When using the Expert Moves website you will find that links are provided to third party websites. We do this to enrich your experience when using our website. Unless we specifically state this will not be an endorsement link or affiliate paying link. Our business is removals! We do, however, take no responsibility if you decide to click on any external links from our website. We cannot control what happens elsewhere!

Privacy policy amendments

Expert Moves expects to make changes to this privacy policy occasionally. This may be due to a change in the law. We recommend you visit this page to check for any recent changes, by viewing our latest updated timestamp below.

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