Expert Moves Copyright Statement

Content published by Expert Moves is carefully written with pride and often takes many hours to write. We have set ourselves a challenge of writing top-quality removals content, which directly relates to the removals services we provide. Never miss out on our latest content when you bookmark our blog page.

All of the content published on this website is authenticated and handwritten by Expert Moves. Our content is our IP (intellectual property) and is intended for use on this website only. It is anticipated that all website visitors will familiarise themselves with this copyright statement and will adhere to its requirements.

Expert Moves owns the copyright

Expert Moves own ALL of the content published on Our copyright ownership includes all elements of the website software code (the unique features for our site), photography & images (unless accreditation is given), as well as any drawings, videos, and audio clips, etc.,

Expert Moves asserts that our copyright is acknowledged and that our content is NEVER used for commercial reasons (particularly by other removal companies). This includes 100% “word for word” copying, paraphrasing (or partial copying), obvious reuse of our content (in various guises) and especially the cloning of a page or areas of our website.

Copyright statement for Expert Moves

Please read this copyright statement carefully when reading this website

Policy for Expert Moves content personal usage

In cases where the usage is for personal reasons and is not for profit or commercial reasons, we will permit the usage. You may wish to use our content for personal reasons, e.g., research, academic, or to make a later booking. In these cases, it is fine for you to download and print our content.

We gratefully receive recommendations to our site through online reviews and using our URL ( on your website and through social media sharing.

Request permission for reusing Expert Moves content

We appreciate it may be enticing to reuse our content. Please avoid just copying our content. If you would like to use our content, then contact us using one of the methods below:

Expert Moves

T/A Chris Removal Services Ltd.

22 Spring Grove Road,

Kidderminster, Worcestershire,

DY11 7JA

Please contact Expert Moves using any of the following contact methods:

All requests we receive for the reuse of content will be replied to as soon as we can. Naturally, as these are requests, we may refuse and do not have to provide any reason for declining.

Potential legal action due to copyright infringement

Where there is a breach of Expert Moves copyright, we may exercise our right to instigate legal action.

In all cases, we will make reasonable attempts to resolve copyright breaches. Any website breaching our copyright statement and policies will be contacted where we have access to contact details. We will ask for all content which breaches copyright to be removed. If breached content is removed shortly after such request, no further action will be taken.

If a site breaching copyright ignores or declines our requests to remove content, we may as owners of the IP decide to take legal action.

What to do if you see Expert Moves content published on the Internet

We defend our content privacy with vigour. If you believe you have seen our content obviously plagiarised, particularly word-for-word please message us with the URL where this occurred. Your help is appreciated.

Copyright claims against Expert Moves

As we have said, Expert Moves publishes a substantial quantity of content about removals and moving industry topics. We research our articles carefully and take inspiration from other sources, as everybody does. We write our content using our own industry knowledge, blended with SEO, and writing skills.

All of our content is checked for plagiarism before its publication. In the exceptional event that content is inadvertently breached, please contact us for investigation. Upon receipt of a content breach request, we will of course remove the content where we find there is a breach. Your time spent reading this copyright statement is sincerely appreciated.

Last updated: 4th November 2022


Image Credit: David Wees