What Should I Expect from a Removals Packing Service?

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Undoubtedly packing can be one of the more stressful parts of a home move, a removals packing service (also know as pack and move) is certainly worth considering. This is because property owners are often not experienced in packing and do not have the delicacy, manpower, patience, or removals packing materials and boxes needed to support the move. In this guise, we discuss here what to expect when you buy a removal packing service for your upcoming move.

What is a removals packing service?

A removals packing service is where a removals company provides all the materials and labour to pack the contents of your home safely and accurately. This can be the entire contents, part of the packing only, special & fragile items, or perhaps just supply of the removals packing boxes and removals packing materials.

Removals packing services are offered by virtually all removal companies (including Expert Moves) but are subject to availability and may be fully booked if you request these services close to your moving date. This service is equally applicable to domestic moves, office relocations as well as international moves.

What Should I Expect from a Professional Removals Packing Service

Employ a professional removals packing service for reduced-stress moves

Types of packing services available

There are a variety of removal packing services available, these are summarised in the sections below:

Entire contents packing service

Your removal company can be employed to pack your entire contents. The removals team will arrive at an agreed time (often one to three days before the move) and will pack up everything. They work in an agreed fashion, most typically room-to-room or whatever is available to pack. Choose this service if you have access to the funds and want a stress-reduced move. This may also be the only option if you are moving last minute and need extra support.

Professional packers also manage fragile items packing with care

Professional packers also manage fragile items packing with care

Part packing service

Of course, another option is to use the removals company to part pack. This hybrid option is a popular choice where owners want to pack some areas themselves and leave the remainder to the removal company. Use this service where you are reasonably skilled and have time available. Many homeowners enjoy a part packing service and use it to pack awkward, fragile, and bulky furniture.

It is often more difficult to define exactly what is required with a part packing service, although you should receive and sign a quotation upfront. The scope can drift particularly if the property owner is struggling. For this reason, sometimes this service is best provided on a T&M basis (i.e., you pay for the time and materials used).

Special and fragile items service

We would always advise with special, fragile, and valuable items that you consider at least getting these professionally packed. It is worth paying for the extra care and precisely tailored packing materials to keep your delicate antique furniture, fine art & paintings, bone china, fish tanks, glassware, ornaments, and technology, etc., safe from harm in transit.

Professional packing staff will have access to special materials such as bubble wrap, tissue and other materials as well as have years of experience with numerous packing techniques.

Pianos need moving with precision and care

Pianos need moving with precision and care

Visit our specialist moves service offering which describes many of the specialist items that owners like to get professionally moved. These include gym equipment, hot tubs, quad bikes, pianos, refrigerated equipment, safes, tables, etc.,

Materials supply – removals packing boxes and removals packing materials

Removal companies understand that owners might want to pack themselves. They are generally happier to supply materials such as removals packing boxes and removals packing materials than the owner sourcing these on their own. This is because it is extra business for the removal company, but just as importantly they know the quality of the materials will not be found in question on the day of the move. The removals company will supply you with precisely what you order, and most companies will pay you in full at the end for any unused materials.

A few examples of the packaging materials and equipment needed include bubble wrap, cardboard (or plastic) boxes or crates (small, medium, and large), corrugated paper, fabric blankets, foam packing sheets, labels, marker pens, masking tape, scissors, Sellotape, storage bags, wardrobe boxes, etc.,

Advantages of using a company for pack and moves services

There are numerous advantages of using a company to book pack and move services, these advantages include:

  • Cost savings on the packaging – it is generally much cheaper to buy packaging materials from a removals company than a local DIY store or local alternative
  • Top-quality packaging materials – the very best heavy-duty removals materials will be used to ensure items are not damaged in transit
  • Use of proven packing techniques – it is like any form of work; a professional packer has lots of experience and will use proven packing techniques in their work
  • Reduce damages and breakages – on average the level of damages and breakages is likely to reduce due to better quality packing materials and using proven packing techniques and
  • Reduces stress and hassle – the pressures associated with a move are greatly reduced through a professional service

Contacting Expert Moves about packaging support

This guide to removals packing service should prove helpful, please our packing removals managed moves service for further details. If you need additional advice and guidance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact Expert Moves on 0333 090 7997 (landline) or 07405 648478 (mobile) for packaging support. We also welcome contact from homeowners and businesses through our contact page. Receive a FREE quotation for removals and packaging service when you complete our instant quote removal form.


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