Removals Service vs Van and Man – How to Know Which to Choose for Your House Move Project?

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We are sure that you know what a removals service is, but how do you compare a removals service vs van and man, and what is a “van and man service” exactly? As the name suggests a “Van and Man” service is simply a van with a man, but this is very much the start of your possibilities! Read on to learn more about removal services and van and man services and decide for yourself which service is best for your needs.

What is a van and man service?

A van and man service is especially suited for smaller removals jobs and will usually be completed by medium-sized Luton vans. The service simply involves hiring a van and a man and paying an agreed rate per half hour or hour and mileage costs depending on the policies of the removal company. The cost is much lower than hiring a removals team with a larger van – why pay for more than you need?

A van and man service is ideal for smaller jobs and multiple jobs. If you find yourself needing to move a fridge to the tip, or take some items to your Mothers, Sisters and a Charity shop, this service could be ideal!

A van and man service in operation

A van and man service in operation

Expert Moves services most likely to suit a van and man

From our experience, the following services offered by Expert Moves are among the most likely to be suited to a van and man service.

Furniture removals

For smaller furniture removals, from one piece to a collection, a van and man is ideal. We can collect your furniture and take it to friends and families homes, charity shops, your business offices and any other locations needed. We often take broken, damaged, or undesirable furniture to local rubbish tips. Why not visit our furniture removals page?

Flat and apartment removals

We usually find that the majority of flats and apartments can be cleared through van and man services. Sometimes multiple runs might be required, but regularly we can clear flats and apartments with a van and a man! Our survey would reveal whether this was a viable approach on a case-by-case basis.

Small removals

If you have just a few items to dispose of and perhaps do not have a car or perhaps the items are too heavy, we can help! For even a few items contact us for a quotation. You may also like to visit our small removals page for further details.

University and student removals

Based on experience, almost all university and student jobs are suited to a van and man service. Whether you are the student or the parent of a student we can pack all belongings into our van and transport the “would-be student” anywhere they require in the mainland UK.

Why not visit our university and students removal service page for more detailed information?

Buy from a responsible service provider

We have all heard of the nightmare of fly tipping, the environmental damage it causes and the cost of clean-up. Sadly, a high proportion of fly tipping is from rogue van and man operators. When disposing of van and man contents, local authorities make a charge to companies like Expert Moves. This charge is avoided by rogue operators who simply dispose of their van loads anywhere they like. Often these illegal disposals can be traced to the owner (if there is identifying information) and the owner runs into legal issues and probes from the police.

Book your van and man services with a responsible provider like Expert Moves and rest in the knowledge your waste will never be subcontracted and never fly tipped.

Avoid fly tipping when you buy van and man services from a responsible provider

Avoid fly tipping when you buy van and man services from a responsible provider

Removals service vs van and man

There are times to choose a removal service and other times a van and man service. Here are some criteria where a van and man service is perfect to use:

  • Multiple tasks – hire a van and man for multiple “bitty” tasks, it is a great idea to save and accumulate a range of items you want to move all in one booking
  • One person needed – jobs where only one person is needed. Jobs like piano moving and heavy furniture, etc., require at least two moving personnel
  • Restricted access – in situations where there is restricted access to reach the property, e.g., narrow country lanes or a narrow driveway a van and man might be your only option. Sometimes in these situations, all that is required is a few “runs” to complete your move
  • Small jobs – where you have a “few bits” to move or smaller jobs a van and man may be all you require
Removals service vs van and man - Hiring a van and man service is a great idea!

Removals service vs van and man – Hiring a van and man service is a great idea!

Visit our dedicated service page

Do not forget to visit our dedicated van and man services page. Here you can find out even more information about hiring a van and a man together from Expert Moves.

Contacting Expert Moves about removals service vs van and man

We hope you have enjoyed this guide and now have more clarity about removals service vs van and man services. If you are unsure, of which service to use why not contact us? Our experts will be able to assess your needs and recommend the best service for your requirements.

If you need either type of service (or maybe even both!), why not call Expert Moves Ltd on 0333 090 7997 (landline) or 07405 648478 (mobile)? Alternatively, you could complete our contact form on our contact page. Our recent social media posts can be viewed here. Receive a FREE quotation for either service when you complete our instant quote removal form.


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